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13.5 Fact Sheets

The following tips and tools publications are available from the Meat and Livestock Australia (MLA) publications website:

  • Minimising land transport stress in live export Brahman steers - Identifies and provides solutions for some of the physiological mechanisms involved when sheep and cattle are placed under long-haul transportation and handling stress.
  • Preparation of sheep for live export - Provides information on scabby mouth vaccination and other methods to enhance the health and welfare of sheep during the live export process.
  • Preparation of cattle for live export - Gives advice on the methods to enhance the health and welfare of cattle during the live export process.
  • Heat Load in Feeder Cattle - MLA publication providing information on heat load.
  • Wetting cattle to alleviate heat stress on ships - Covers how improving the ventilation on livestock ships, the application of risk management tools and wetting of heat stressed cattle can all contribute to minimising the detrimental effects of hyperthermia (heat stress) in cattle.