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1 Introduction

This Handbook is an initiative of LiveCorp and Meat & Livestock Australia (MLA) to provide best-practice information and standardised approaches for veterinarians and stockpersons caring for exported livestock.

The Handbook covers the period from arrival at assembly points in Australia, through the sea voyage, to discharge and arrival at feedlots in overseas destinations.
The range of information covered includes:

  • Diseases and conditions known to occur in sheep, goats, dairy and beef cattle. The causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of these diseases and conditions are covered. Emphasis has been placed on conditions that are common in export animals and that have the potential to result in significant morbidity and mortality.
  • The process of disease recognition and investigation - how to detect, how to investigate, how to necropsy.
  • Management of feeding and watering at sea to reduce the risk of problems. Many potential animal health and welfare problems, especially at sea, are related to feed and water management.
  • How to manage seriously sick and injured livestock including their safe and effective euthanasia.

Compilation of this Handbook has relied on the considerable body of livestock export information contained in existing MLA publications, reports by consultants requisitioned by LiveCorp, scientific literature, stockperson's handbooks and the Best Practice Use of Veterinary Drugs. The authors gratefully acknowledge input from a wide range of additional people including veterinarians, stockpersons and animal health and welfare consultants.

The printed version of the Handbook is designed to be tough and light, to provide a portable reference for veterinarians and stockpersons. It is also available online at The Veterinary Handbook app is available for both iOS and Android devices.

The Handbook is a dynamic document, meaning that advances in knowledge and feedback from users is expected to inform future updates to ensure the Handbook remains a key part of every export veterinarian's and stockperson's toolkit.